Project Examples

We’ve supported all manner of North of Tyne businesses with an Innovation Recovery Grant – here are just a few that might give you inspiration for a project in your business:

Equipment purchases:

BreweryTo expand the business to increase their product range to offer high quality, innovative flavours of craft beerPurchase of 2 state of the art pressurised tank units
Joinery FirmTo create efficiency when pricing and estimating jobs by digitising internal processesPurchase of 2 industry software packages
Furniture ManufacturerTo create efficiency in the painting process by creating an in‐house Spray RoomPurchase of Spray Booth, Spray Gun and associated equipment
Creative Marketing ConsultancyTo diversify to offer clients animations, short movies and motion graphicsUHD Camera, lighting and processing equipment
Process Management ConsultancyTo develop an online delivery system for process management consultancy and trainingPurchase of audio visual equipment
Tea WholesalerTo increase the range of tea based products that can be created in‐house rather than relying on sub‐contractors overseasPurchase of loading, weighing and mixing equipment
Manufacturer (Oil & Gas Sector)To bring currently sub‐contracted work in‐house to drive efficiency by creating a Welding Production area suitable for Oil & Gas specialist weldingPurchase of a range of specialist welding equipment
Recruitment AgencySeparate systems within the business were driving inefficiency and the business needed one overarching CRM system that integrated with their finance systemPurchase of specialist CRM system with integration support
Creative Technology CompanyDevelop new analytics software to work with existing Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality products.Purchase of high‐end digital workstations, supporting hardware and software.

Consultancy, Deign and Development

Print Solutions CompanyFollowing the development of an industry leading print product support was needed around internal processes and market positioning to prepare for the global launchDevelopment of an Innovation Strategy and Roadmap to bring the new product successfully to market.
Energy Management ConsultancyA new service had been developed and support was required to successfully launch it in the marketDevelopment and implementation of a Marketing Strategy
Precision Manufacturing FirmCovid pressures significantly changed the business and to adapt they needed to move from outdated systems and processes to one integrated management approachDevelopment of a Company wide Management System
Bespoke Joinery FirmMost products are manufactured on‐site and shipped with a re‐assembly team to global clients. To reduce costs and travel software was required to track the manufacturing process to produce detailed re‐assembly instructions so clients could do this without assistanceDevelopment of bespoke process tracking software that enabled reassembly of items
Integrity Management FirmTo develop a new service enabling inspections to be conducted using satellite imagery rather than in personDevelopment of bespoke software to adapt satellite imagery for industry use
Cycle Holiday ProviderTo develop new internal systems and processes that will increase customer journey efficiency leading to improved customer service and increased salesSystems design to integrate the CRM and the digital marketing platform plus development of a customer portal
Data Management CompanyFollowing the development of a market leading data transfer product support was needed to prepare the product for international launchMarketing consultancy to build the brand for the new product launch
Academic Support ConsultancyA peer to peer support platform has been developed and support is needed to add new features that support both tutors and studentsSoftware development and testing of new product features
Health Food ManufacturerTo develop a new health food product targeting global salesLaboratory testing to establish final large scale manufacturing protocols and ingredient ratios for imminent product release
Clothing RetailerTo move from being a ‘bricks and mortar’ retailer to offering online salesDevelopment of e‐commerce website that links with existing stock control and finance systems

Project eligibility

Your project needs to be innovative. That means it’s changing something for the better in your business – it could be a new product, an improved service, or a new way of working, but it needs to be something you’ve never done before. We’ll need details of your innovation project so be sure to be prepared before you apply so that we can process your application as quickly as possible!

Business eligibility

Your business should be eligible for funding if it’s a trading SME based in the North of Tyne area.

Apply for a grant

We’ll need to know some details about your business, the project you’d like to fund with a North of Tyne Innovation Recovery Grant and how it will help.

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