DJS Consulting secures grant funding to build a working demonstration unit for their Intelligent Manufacturing Platform

North of Tyne Innovation Recovery Grant funding has allowed the Northumberland based consultancy firm to create a working demonstration unit of their innovative and cost-effective system, increasing client conversion.

Looking for Support

DJS Consulting are a consultancy business who have been in operation for 7 years. They work with a global client list to help them innovate and develop to scale-up in the formulation of products such as detergents, foods and pesticides. They have worked with a number of big names including Nestle, The Centre for Process Innovation and Anglo-American.

To help their SME clients with sustainability and waste reduction, DJS wanted to develop an affordable alternative to the cloud-based monitoring systems that big companies like Siemans offer. These systems can show live data from processing, trends in the data, different alarm systems and remote viewing of production.

With their expertise and skill set, DJS could fill the gap in the market to adapt current remote monitoring hardware and software to enable in-depth data analytics for a much lower cost than industry alternatives. Part of their core mission is to help their clients with Internet of Things and Big Data, however DJS Consulting have found that it can be difficult to communicate to their clients the benefits of these cloud-based systems.

Support from North of Tyne Innovation Recovery Grant

With help from the Innovation Recovery Grant, DJS were able to develop a working demonstration unit of their cloud-based monitoring system. This unit has helped them to show their prospective clients the many advantages that a remote monitoring system can have, with little effort.

They say a picture is better than a thousand words but a working demonstration is even better! This demonstration unit will bring to life our concept and prove to potential clients that it is a viable system

David Smith, Director of DJS Consulting

Impact of receiving the grant and support

DJS Consulting are now in conversations with prospective clients from the UK and US to implement their cloud-based analytics solution within their businesses, thanks to the demonstration unit. They will be able to assist these clients with improving their quality, their efficiency, help them to lower the cost of their manufacturing and importantly for DJS, reduce their carbon footprint.

They have recently worked with Arq to set up a remote data system at their UK lab and pilot plant site. The completed system provides secure remote access to key information from small scale pilot plant equipment and laboratory test data. Pulling pilot plant data into a cloud system has been pivotal in enabling the multi-location Arq team and consultants to analyse data from R&D work faster and more efficiently. Recently the system has been expanded to include test data from a US laboratory.

Taking on more clients thanks to the grant funded project will allow DJS to continue to grow, and to help other businesses with sustainability.

The support from Innovation SuperNetwork and NBSL was pivotal in enabling DJS Process Consulting to create the Demonstration system. Specifically, the announcement about the North of Tyne Innovation Recovery Grant was the catalyst that pushed us to take the idea from just an idea and turn it into reality

David Smith, Director of DJS Consulting

More information

The North of Tyne Innovation Recovery Grant is delivered by NBSL in partnership with the Innovation SuperNetwork (ISN) and are looking to support any organisation that may have projects that could improve efficiency, productivity or bring innovation alive – whether new to market or new to the organisation – it just needs to be something you’ve never done before. 50% grant funding is available to eligible organisations across the North of Tyne region for innovation projects costing between £5k & £20k for equipment projects, and £8k & £20k for consultancy projects (exclusive of VAT) thanks to the North of Tyne Combined Authority.  Grants of between £2,500 and £10,000 are available. New applications are welcome from SMEs and social enterprises across Northumberland, Newcastle Upon Tyne and North Tyneside before the deadline on 3rd of March 2023.